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Dear Friends,

You are facing a serious situation and you have decided to turn to Rusfond USA.
We will try to do everything we can to help you. Please send the following information to you first and last name, first and last name of the child who needs help, his or her birthdate along with an outline of the problem (i.e. diagnosis, name of the hospital and the cost of medical treatment if known). Please also include your full mailing address and zip code, your email address, if any, and your phone numbers.
Please note – we can only consider requests for assistance at American hospitals. If you are seeking treatment outside of the United States, please write to in Russia.

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Petr Chernyshov, 14 years old, bilateral conductive hearing loss, bilateral malformation of external and middle ear, needs staged surgical treatment at the California Ear Institute (Palo Alto, USA), 6,750.00 USD

Petr Chernyshov, 14 years old, bilateral conductive hearing loss, bilateral malformation of external and middle ear, needs staged surgical treatment at the California Ear Institute (Palo Alto, USA), <nobr>6,750.00 USD</nobr>

Petr was born with developmental abnormalities. He was born without his left outer ear and the right ear didn’t form correctly. In the maternity hospital, he was examined by a specialist, and it turned out that our son’s left ear canal is completely closed, and there is no eardrum in the right ear. We learned that an operation to restore hearing in children who have the same condition as Petr can be done abroad. We sent his medical records to a clinic in the United States. They soon answered that they can help our son. He will need two complex operations to reconstruct his ear canals. The operations are complex and costly. My husband and I are not able to come up with such a large sum. Your generosity is our only hope. Please help Petr! 

Anna Alekhina, Moscow.

To save six-year-old Petr 6,750 USD is needed.

The cost of Petr’s treatment is 113,300 USD. We are happy to report that Rusfond has raised the entire amount needed. Petr is expected at the hospital in February. However, an additional 6,750 USD is required for him and his mother’s flights, accommodations, food, local transportation, and other associated expenses for the duration of their stay in the USA. Dear friends! If you want to help Petr please don't let the cost stop you. Your donation in any amount will be gratefully accepted. You can contribute to Rusfond USA using PayPal or by sending a check made payable to Rusfond USA and mailing it to Rusfond USA, 420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 300, New York, NY 10170. Thank you! All donations in excess of what is needed for Petr will help other children in need of ear surgery.


California Ear Institute Otolaryngologist Joseph Roberson, M.D. (Palo Alto, USA): "We are ready to accept Petr for surgery on both ears. We will recreate the ear canal to the eardrum and the bones in his right ear and replace the auditory ossicles of the left ear. I hope that after the surgeries the boy will be able to hear and speak well."


Anna, mother of Petr Chernyshov: "Hello, distinguished staff of Rusfond! I sincerely thank everyone who helped us pay for the operation on his ear canal, giving my son the opportunity to live a full, sound-filled life. Thanks to the support of the foundation he was given this chance, because for seven years, Petya could hear my voice only at a distance of 20–30 cm. A week ago we returned from the first trip. The operation went well, and our son now can hear in one ear calm speech at a distance of 2–3 m. Doctors said that his hearing will improve within one year. This miracle happened due to your foundation and those caring people who helped and continue to help children and their parents who find themselves in a difficult situation. Helping people is hard work. It’s round-the-clock work, without days off and without holidays. You cannot do charity without giving a part of your soul to those in need. Your work is priceless and so necessary for all of us, parents of special children who despaired of finding support and a chance to heal for their child. Your foundation gives us faith in people, kindness and mercy. Our children get the opportunity to rid themselves of disease forever. No matter how strong a parent’s love is, without your help and your participation this miracle would not have happened! Thank you, we salute you! May the foundation and all its supporters prosper! May all children who need help get the chance to become healthy!"