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Dear Friends,

You are facing a serious situation and you have decided to turn to Rusfond USA.
We will try to do everything we can to help you. Please send the following information to you first and last name, first and last name of the child who needs help, his or her birthdate along with an outline of the problem (i.e. diagnosis, name of the hospital and the cost of medical treatment if known). Please also include your full mailing address and zip code, your email address, if any, and your phone numbers.
Please note – we can only consider requests for assistance at American hospitals. If you are seeking treatment outside of the United States, please write to in Russia.

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Sasha Larkina, 13 years old, congenital hyperinsulinism, needs a comprehensive examination at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (USA), 16,750.00 USD

Sasha Larkina, 13 years old, congenital hyperinsulinism, needs a comprehensive examination at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (USA), <nobr>16,750.00 USD</nobr>

In June 2010, our family welcomed our long-awaited third child, Alexandra. But on the second day after she was born, Sasha had to go to intensive care – her blood sugar level had fallen drastically. Doctors diagnosed our daughter with an extremely rare genetic disease - organic hyperinsulinism, a disorder of the pancreas. Sasha had a complicated operation. She recovered quickly, all her indicators normalized. But a year later, she had an epileptic seizure with convulsions and loss of consciousness. We had our daughter examined at different hospitals, but doctors could not understand why it was happening. The attacks still go on to this day – about once every six months. They are hard on Sasha, she has problems breathing. My daughter is growing normally for her age, she is perseverant, obedient. We wrote to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia children's hospital in Philadelphia. Doctors there told us that congenital hyperinsulinism can cause seizures, and that they know how to treat children with this condition. Sasha needs a comprehensive medical exam so that the doctors can give us their recommendations for treatment.  Please help us get to the hospital to help our daughter get well! 

Vladimir Larkin, Saint Petersburg.


In order to save Sasha Larkina $16,750 is needed.

To Understand Why


Dr. Trude Haecker, Medical Director, International Patient Services, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: "Sasha will undergo a comprehensive medical examination to establish an accurate diagnosis that can facilitate appropriate medical treatment to help stop her seizures and allow her to fully grow and develop.” 


The cost for Sasha’s evaluation is $12,000. Another $4,750 is needed for her and her mother’s accommodations, food, local transportation and other associated expenses for the duration of their stay in the USA. Dear friends! If you want to help Sasha please don't let the cost stop you. Your donation in any amount will be gratefully accepted. You can contribute to Rusfond USA using PayPal or by sending a check made payable to “Rusfond USA” and mailing it to Rusfond USA, 420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 300, New York, NY 10170. Thank you!
Rusfond USA