Doctors need to find the right treatment and medication for Vova Peskov.

Vova Peskov is four years old and has opsoclonus-myoclonus paraneoplastic syndrome, a rare disease. He needs to be examined at the National Pediatric Myoclonus Center (Springfield, Illinois USA). The cost of this medical evaluation is $11,500. Vova and his mother will need $5,670 for accommodations, food, transportation and other expenses during their stay in the US.

Vova PeskovAt the age of one, Vova was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of posterior mediastinum, a neuroblastoma. Our son had surgery, after which he began behaving strangely. He would constantly fall down, his legs would wobble, and his eyes would roll involuntarily. The doctors concluded that he has a rare disease with complications from the tumor. In Russia, the only place to treat it is the Republican Children’s ClinicalHospital in Moscow. We went there and Vova was prescribed hormonal medication. In the beginning, the medicine helped extremely well. There was no sign of the disease. However, as soon as the doctors lowered the dose of the hormones – because taking the medicine for too long leads to grave side effects, – all of his symptoms returned and our son became indifferent, stayed in bed and stopped talking. This happened several times. Last year, Vova started taking an American medicine, synacthen Depot, which is not registered in Russia. At first it worked well, but then it started all over again, just like before. The doctors are not able to offer a different treatment plan. They have referred us to the USA for a consultation at the MyoclonusCenter. We are hoping that Vova can be examined there and that doctors will find the right treatment and medication for him. Please, help us, we have three children and cannot pay for this much-needed trip ourselves. Alexander Peskov, Moscow. 

To save four-year-old Vova Peskov $11,500 is needed

Maria Ostrovskaya, attending neurologist of the Republican Children’s ClinicalHospital (Moscow): “This boy has a rare disease, there are only 17 such children in Russia. It is an autoimmune disease associated with damage to the cerebellum. We have observed a dependence on hormones because at lower doses he relapses. Vova needs a more detailed examination for antibodies than the one we can offer. They need to find the right treatment plan for him.”

The hospital bill in the US is $11,500. Vova and his mother will need an additional $5,670 for accommodations, food, transportation and other expenses during their stay in the US.

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