Heart surgery can save Slava Zharkov `s life

Slava Zharkov, one year old, suffers from a complex heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He needs a Fontan surgical procedure at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, USA. $220,725. An additional $6,570 is needed to cover accommodations in the US, food, transportation, and other related costs.

Slava ZharkovThanks to the support of donors, Slava had open-heart surgery in Berlin last year. However, the defect he has requires three stages of surgical treatment. German specialists confirmed their ability to do the third and final surgery, but only when our son’s weight is 12-14 kg. But our little Slava doesn't eat well. His weight is just 10 kg and he has only managed to gain 1 kg over the past year. He is often short of breath, has coughing fits, and gets tired quickly. It breaks my heart to see that he is getting worse and worse. We found out about a hospital in the United States, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where this heart defect can be treated successfully. We sent Slava's records to the hospital. They are ready to accept us there. However, the cost is enormous. My husband's income and Slava's disability are barely enough to make ends meet as it is. Our eldest son is three years old and goes to kindergarten. I stay home with Slava all the time and can’t work. Please don’t give up on us, please help! Veronika Zharkova, Voronezh Region.

$227,295 is required to save Slava Zharkov, a one-year-old boy.

Professor Jonathan J. Rome, M.D., a leading cardiologist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, says:
«Sviatoslav Zharkov has a complex congenital heart defect and has undergone two operations to pal1iate his condition. To further improve his cardiac function and oxygenation, he will need to undergo the Fontan surgical procedure. Our hospital has a great deal of experience in performing these operations and we are happy to accept the boy at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in the spring of 2013 for this procedure».

The cost of Slava 's surgery is $220,725. The cost of accommodations, food, transportation and other associated expenses for Slava and his mother is $6,570, but the family doesn't have such a large amount of money.
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