Heart surgery can save Matvey Agutin`s life

Matvey Agutin, 2 months old, suffers from a complex congenital heart defect. He needs to undergo open-heart surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the US. The cost of surgery is $149, 515. The cost of accommodations, food, transportation and other associated expenses for Matvey and his mother is $6,500.

Матвей АгутинDuring pregnancy a medical exam showed that the left part of my son’s heart had not formed. This part is responsible for his biggest and most important blood flow and circulation. Doctors told me that my boy had no chance to survive. But I could already feel my boy and I didn’t have the heart to terminate the pregnancy. I gave birth in St. Petersburg. On the fourth day of his life, Matvey had the first of three planned operations. Now he needs the second one. Our doctors recommend waiting until Matvey grows older, but the defect is unpredictable, he may get worse at any moment. My son goes short of breath, gets tired quickly. I learned that children with this same diagnosis could be treated very successfully in the US. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has accepted Matvey for surgery. I now have hope that he can develop normally, but the cost of treatment is enormous. I raise two children alone. Please help! Maria Agutina, Moscow.

$156,015 is required to save Matvey Agutin, a two-month-old boy.

Professor Jonathan J. Rome, M.D., a leading cardiologist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, says: “Matvey has a complex congenital heart defect that requires three stages of surgical correction. After evaluating his current medical records, we plan to undertake the second phase of treatment, the Glenn surgical procedure. This second operation will relieve the burden on Matvey's heart and prepare him for the third and final operation.”
The cost of Matvey's surgery is $149,515, The cost of accommodations, food, transportation and other associated expenses for Matvey and his mother is $6,500, but the family doesn't have such a large amount of money.
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 Матвей Агутин